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Shashi Tharoor responds to Amul's 'rodomontade' toon

Shashi Tharoor responds to Amul's 'rodomontade' toon

New Delhi : Amul on Friday released a new topical, this time on Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, whose language skills have often left Twitter befuddled and in awe.

What's more, Tharoor responded to the toon in an equally witty way.

The topical shows a confused Amul girl sitting next to Tharoor, flipping through a dictionary, desperately trying to understand his tweet.

Tharoor responded to the toon by playing on the fondly-remembered Amul jingle 'utterly, butterly, delicious.'

"Butterly honoured. But I feel like a Tharoorosaurus Rex, an ancient creature soon to be extinct, snuffed out in a cloud of incomprehension....," he quipped.

In his tweet, Tharoor pokes fun at his own self by comparing himself to the extinct dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Tharoor was in the news a few days back, for tweeting the word 'rodomontade' - the latest in a long list that show off his extensive vocabulary.