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Fashion is far beyond: a stroke or a brush, It’s about Expression of your Attitude - Beauty Pageant Neeti Dhawan

Fashion is far beyond: a stroke or a brush, It’s about Expression of your Attitude - Beauty Pageant Neeti Dhawan
By Dr. Dilip N. Pandit

Sky is not the limit for women who are all set to represent their own self with their inborn qualities to the world. Every woman has got potential, talent, and capabilities to do unique and extra-ordinary thing around their locality. The need of the hour is to boost up confidence and come out with verve. In the nature every being is beautiful whether it is a person, thing or place of the world. They all are beautiful in every esthetic sense of human being.

Inner beauty helps you appreciate outer beauty. If you love, appreciate and feel good about yourself, you would feel more confident about facing and interacting with other beautiful people in the world. Remember, outer beauty can give you a glance, its inner beauty that makes someone stay. You may think it’s a chiseled face or a gorgeous physique that makes a person attractive. But more than anything else, it’s a person’s inner belief that they’re attractive that makes them more appealing to others. These views were expressed by cosmopolitan known

Cosmetologist and organizer of Bellissima Foundation & CEO at Namah Studio Ms Neeti Dhawan of Jalandhar (Punjab). She interacted with the editor of Alma Today and World Book of Records, Dr. Dilip N Pandit discussing over various subjects and contemporary issues.

Being a Cosmetologist she has also been having background of social work and she has been empowering women for long time just because of dedication and passion to serve to society. Such divinity, in these faiths, would express itself naturally if it were not obscured by the social and physical worlds we live in; it needs to be brought to the fore through appropriate spiritual practices. Her profound interest in fashion, modelling and other aspects have led to be a brand ambassador for other brands .Despite the enormous opportunities she seizes to choose the best and apt for her." Neeti, besieged all with her spurring expertise, and amass knowledge of fashion will facilitate the all through her brand image.

As she emphasizes that success favors the well groomed. Her philosophy is to communicate with person in a way that directly connects the heart and conscience even psychologists cannot.

She has been active in promoting awareness of social cause with her positive power through awakening people and their confidence. She feels Makeup should never be used to hide you. It should be used to enhance your natural beauty. Apart from her hectic schedule, she never drops calls from someone who is in problem and need of her suggestion or help. She has also been involved to tackle drug addiction among youth.

She put as we basically help women to regain their lost confidence and self respect and help them become what they aim for we achieve at making their dreams come true. We save women and girl child from humiliation and discrimination. We live in a society where the creators are women and the creation the women is destroying women itself.