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There are no borders for the creativity because Music is all about Feeling Emotions- Russian Singer Svetlana

There are no borders for the creativity because Music is all about Feeling Emotions- Russian Singer Svetlana
By Dr. Dilip N. Pandit

Music in Belarus largely comprises a rich tradition of folk and religious music. The country's folk music traditions can be traced back to the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the 19th century, Polish composer Stanisław Moniuszko composed operas and chamber music pieces while living in Minsk Belarus has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 14 times since making its debut in 2004. Dmitry Koldun became the country's first entrant to reach the final at the 2007 contest, where he finished sixth with the song "Work Your Magic". This remains Belarus' only top ten placements. Belarus also qualified four times for the final. Ms. Svetlana Agarval is one of the leading singers of Belarus who participated in Türkvizyon and has been performing worldwide oozing out her talent and melody. Alma Today got an opportunity to interact with her to have an exclusive interview including various topics of current musical scenario. Excerpts:

Q1-What is your family and musical back ground?

I have all the family singing: mother, father, aunt, and grandmother with grandfather. And seems like I get this love to music by inheritance)) And from the childhood, my attention was drawn to Indian movies, such bright, colorful and musical. Movie “Disco Dancer" I watched at cinema about 9 times .. Then reached home and sang "Jimmy Aaja" with the piano accompanying myself )) At that moment as I heard words and sang, because the language I did not know. After a while I started study Hindi to perform songs intelligently. I worked with vocal teachers, who taught the correct singing and staging breathing. During receiving a second higher education at the Belarusian University of Culture and Arts, I surprised the selection committee with singing in Indian language (laughs)


Q2- Who has been your ideal in singing Russian and Hindi songs so far?

I respect the work of Russian singer Alla Pugacheva, Sofia Rotaru .. These are the songs that I grew up listening to. They have a life story and meaning. I try to have such songs in my repertoire. From Indian performers, I like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle. Well, I follow the modern stage also.


Q3-How has your Bollywood journey been?

While I was a student I sang in the choir and was a soloist of the ensemble. I did it for fun and actually I saw this just as a hobby. But one day I was seen by TV producer and she said that I have to be in their musical project. And from that moment begins all interesting! I was invited by different Belarusian and foreign TV channels to participate in the musical programs with Indian songs. I started to record my CD in Hindi in Mumbai, we made a video for the song "Anjana" with Indian actors and dancers. I visit India very often; I love this wonderful country for warmth and hospitality of Indian people and the fine food of course.


Q4- How it feels to be symbolizing Russian-India cultural exponent?

It is very pleasant and at the same time - very responsible. I try every day to develop my knowledge of the culture of these two wonderful countries and grow spiritually. With our team we create Russian-Indian songs, which show that there are no borders for the creativity.


Q5- What about your dream projects in years to come?

This autumn we continue our concert tour in Belarus with the show program "On the road to Bollywood". The audience will hear both the already loved songs and novelties. And in November I go to a concert tour of India, I also have fans there who love and wait for me. Also I work in the studio to create new songs. In the future I dream to open my music school, where professional teachers will teach children and adults singing and playing various musical instruments, including Indian ones. I would also like to appear in a Bollywood movie. 


Q6- What do you think over singing prospects as career option by youth?

The most important thing is to approach the choice of profession consciously, having studied your needs and opportunities. It is important to love your profession sincerely and give it to her whole. It seems even in a dream I live with my creativity (smiling). The main thing in your profession is to be addicted, to be in love with your business. This profession should bring not only a means to a decent existence, but also the joy of process work. Then the result will not be long in coming.

Q7. Singing is said to be a voice of heart beyond boarder and language .How you assess it your own way? 

As for me singing is a way of reflecting the surrounding reality and feelings that I feel. In singing I am free to talk about my feelings. And if the listener does not understand the language, he will feel all the emotions transmitted by the vocalist, because the performance is emotionally sincere.