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Hard work is bound to create positive outcome- Actress Mallika Rajput

Hard work is bound to create positive outcome- Actress Mallika Rajput
By Dr. Dilip N Pandit

Our country has ever been great with prolific history, human values, cultural heritage, educational teaching and spiritual learning across the world. The adoption of national identity in terms of historical development has commonly been the result of a response by influential groups unsatisfied with traditional identities due to inconsistency between their defined social order and the experience of that social order by its members, resulting in a situation of anomie that nationalists seek to resolve. One should be a good citizen and respect his or her nation. These views were expressed by well known singer, actress and prolific writer Ms. Mallika Rajput. She has also been the Founder and Chairperson Saar Foundation.

She wrote books including Saar, Shaashak and other with great insight and well received by youth segment of the country. Having deep rooted interests in writing, gazals, singing and acting drove her to the shore of Arabian Sea destination-Mumbai.

Being a versatile personality and intellectual writer, Ms. Mallika chose performing arts to be her career in Mumbai. She says that youth of the nation must be passionate, committed and concentrated at their inborn interests to be a career. They should contribute their services to the nation for growth and prosperity. She likes being greeted Jai Hind by people and fans around her.

Significantly, She share screen with many top most actor and actress along with Singer Shaan in 'Yara Thuje' singing duets I music albums. She wrote more than 6000 Gazals and songs too ad carved the niche in the intellectual world. 

She says that there are 1.8 billion young people in the world. Half the world is under 30 and nine in ten of these young people live in developing countries.

This is the largest youth population there has ever been. We are in an era of peak youth. This matters a lot now. The youth generations have the potential to solve the world's greatest challenges. Climate, conflict, poverty and rights for all will be affected by their decisions. The world is facing a challenge. Communities are often overlooked as the most important drivers of development. This removes power and the ability to build real change. We need to hand over ownership to communities, to change the imbalance of justice, power and leadership. 

She thinks that the hard work is bound to create positive outcome and youth must follow this philosophy.