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Indian classical music is everlasting and unique in global scenario- Manish Pingle

Indian classical music is everlasting and unique in global scenario- Manish Pingle
By Dr. Dilip N Pandit

Indian slide guitar was first introduced to Indian classical music by Pandit Brijbhushan Kabra in the early sixties. He modified a six string guitar by adding sympathetic and drone strings, which made its sound suitable for Indian classical Music. His album, Call of the Valley, with Pt Shivkumar Sharma and Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia became a huge success in 1967.

Pt Vishwamohan Bhatt, with his modified Guitar, which he renamed as Mohan Veena, took it to a greater height of popularity, by winning the most prestigious Grammy Award in 1994. He developed a fascinating right hand picking style, where he uses his index and middle finger for the faster runs (taans), and thumb for the drone strings. Debashish Bhattacharya,from Kolkota plays hollow neck guitars. His guitars have different string arrangements. Indian classical music is unique in global scenario. These views were expressed by the Indian slide guitar Manish Pingle during the interaction with Dr. Dilip N Pandit in an exclusive interview.

He was introduced to Indian classical music by his mother. After a few years of learning basics of classical vocal, he started his initial training in Indian slide guitar from Late Shri Vishnu Waliwadekar. Manish is currently under the tutelage of Ustad Shahid Parvez, the famous sitar maestro of Itawa gharana.

Inspired by Masters like and Pt. Brijbhushan Kabra, Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt, and Taalim and blessings from his Gurus, Manish developed a unique right hand picking style, blending it with powerful left hand slides. His mastery over the development of a Raga and the intricacies of Taal comes from the years he spent studying with his Guru, the sitar maestro, Ustad Shahid Parvez.

He has collaborated with The Frementle orchestra, Perth, and have performed at the City of Canning Festival 2014. Manish, along with The Blues legend Michael Messer, performed in BLUES TO BOP Festival Lugano, Switzerland. Besides performing in many prestigious music festivals in India, Manish has also performed in various countries like Spain, UK, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, France, and China.

He was awarded the Title ‘SURMANI’ by Sur Sringar Samsad, Mumbai.Manish is an artist of All India Radio and Television. He has won many accolades performing Solos, Duets and Fusion concerts, collaborating with fellow musicians from India and also international musicians like Blues legend Michael Messer and Saxophone maestro George Brooks. Manish has recorded music albums with International maestros like Hector Zazou (France), and a trioalbum with Michael Messer (UK) and Gurdain Singh Rayatt.

He also conducted online lessons for close to 35 students across the world..This spread over 24 countries and opened up newer avenues for him and he collaborated with the likes of late Hector Zazou, George Brooks and Michael Messer. He wasalso invited by the University of Tokyo to deliver a lecture demonstration on Indian music and Indian slide guitar. The sound engineer had to develop his own technique to understand the type of musical pattern that suited him.

He is a highly qualified sound engineer from the prestigious film school of India, FTII, Pune. With his knowledge of sound and music, Manish is frequently invited to film schools to conduct workshops. He has also worked on various feature films (Life of Pi, Eat pray love) and documentary projects as a sound engineer.