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Education is backbone of our social and economic empowerment: Rahul Richhariya

Education is backbone of our social and economic empowerment: Rahul Richhariya
By Dr. Dilip N Pandit

NGO Pragati Social Development Society (PSDS) carries onus of serving people


Shri Rahul Richhariya the secretary of Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee and Philanthropist in Jhansi Uttar Pradesh is one of the pioneering personalities of the state and the nation who has been motivating youth through educational cause in Jhansi. He has dedicatedly been serving people through social, cultural, educational, woman empowerment and handicaps causes   in philanthropic activities. These activities are materializing under the NGO Pragati Social Development Society (PSDS). It established in 2004. Pragati Social Development Society encouraged the youth and brought to their notice new ways of earning in order to reduce unemployment. It encourages women of Naugaon to do business at home so that they can earn their living and become independent and self reliant.

Along with Rotary Club of Jhansi it has conducted a free health camp in which all patients were diagnosed and required medicines were given to them and arranged of marriage of more than 450 poor girls so far.

 Shri Rahul Richhariya emphasizes that the main motive of PSDS is to promote education across the country because it is the backbone of our social and economic empowerment. He said that PSDS adopts Unfortunate Children and provide free education facilities to them and along with this, it conducted free medical checkup of 600 patients outside Unao gate.  PSDS adopted a child and educational expenses bore after the death of his father and elder brother due to malnutrition.

He stress that if you want to serve the nation, then serve the society first and it has been the verve of his political leadership among youth.

Having lineage  to respected  political  Rhichhariya family of Jhansi, he has been following the leadership values of his grandfather Late Dr. Govind Das  Richhariya (Former Minister Govt. of UP) and father  Shri Omprakash Richhariya (Former Minister Govt. of UP) who served the people through congress party.

In serving people through educational cause, Richhariya family came forward with opening Dr. R.P. Richhariya Degree College (Baruasagar, Jhansi).

Dr. R.P. Richhariya Degree College (Baruasagar, Jhansi) is a degree college was founded in 11 th July 1990 by the renowned philanthropist and humanitarian, a great leader and socialist Lt.Dr. Govind Das Richhariya, M.P. Loksabha / Rajyasabha and Vice-president of khadi Gramodyog Commission, head office Mumbai. This College was founded on the name of Dr. Ramesh Prasad Richhariya , the younger brother of Lt.Dr. Govind Das Richhariya . Dr. Ramesh Prasad Richhariya who is a genius student of Gwalior Medical College, has completed his dgrees of M.B.B.S., D.M.R.E. and M.D. also. After that he is appointed in Indore Medical College, Indore. After there he went to U.K. for job. His wife Mrs. Sharda Richhariya, who is also a M.B.B.S. went U.K. with him. She has completed his diploma in Gynecology from U.K. She is also appointed as a medical officer in civil hospital, Jhansi in the beginning. Dr. Ramesh Prasad Richhariya has donated as a gross amount to the college, so for with the consent of management the college entitled on the name of Dr. Ramesh Prasad Richhariya.

Recenty, Shri Richhariya adopted a child   Vikas Ahirwar who was amputee owing to high voltage current and now has been getting education properly. Mesmeric personality with smiling face of Shri Richhariya gets verve from positive thinking and dedication to serve society.