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It’s high time to motivate youth through scientific values of Agnihotra and organic farming: Dr. Ulrich Berk

It’s high time to motivate youth through scientific values of Agnihotra and organic farming: Dr. Ulrich Berk
By Dr. Dilip N Pandit

President of German Association of Homa Therapy Dr. Berk Speaks Volume about Scientific Nature of Agnihotra

The ancient practice of Yajnya or Homa - fires done according to specific rules in order to obtain desired results - is still well known in India. These practices are much older even than Indian tradition: they are based on Vedic Knowledge, the ancient most knowledge of mankind.  Nowadays, these practices are mostly seen as part of the Indian tradition or religion, less so as part of science. Only recently there were attempts to examine how these ancient Yajnyas can help to counteract the worldwide pollution of our planet, probably the biggest problem mankind is facing today. Homa Therapy is the expression coined by Vasant Paranjpe, the teacher who spread knowledge of Agnihotra on all continents from 1972 to 2008, referring to using Agnihotra, Agnihotra Ash and other Vedic Yajnyas to undo pollution on all the levels. These views were expressed by Dr. Ulrich Berk  of Mühlingen Baden-Württemberg  Germany and the President of German Association of Homa Therapy in an exclusive interview with Dr. Dilip N Pandit (Editor of Alma Times & Alma Today)

On being asked about the impact of Homa and Agnihotra, Dr. Berk said that the Agnihotra and Homa got more public attention when it was applied in agriculture and horticulture as Homa Organic Farming. Homa Farming on a larger scale started in South America end of last century. One first breakthrough happened when a fungus disease called Black Sigatoka hit banana plantations and no other known method was able to control this disease. With Homa Farming this Black Sigatoka could be eradicated, and the production even increased with Homa methods.

Dr. Berk emphasized that the Agnihotra has been understood could  better when scientific reports showed that Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash are reducing or neutralizing pollution of our environment, of atmosphere, soil and water resources. It was shown e.g. that pathogenic bacteria in air and water were drastically reduced if you perform Agnihotra and/or put Agnihotra Ash into the water.

He has been practicing Agnihotra around four decades and motivating youth generation about scientific impact and approaches of the Agnihotra across the world. France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Yugoslavia, Austria and many other countries of Europe and South America, Dr. Berk, has been teaching scientific values of Homa and Agnihotra. He said that it’s high time to motivate youth through Vedic cum scientific values of Indian heritage and he has been encoring students of schools, colleges and academician of universities across the world.

Dr. Berk emphasized that governments of the countries of the world must come forward to aware he impact of Homa and Agnihotra. Apart from this, NGOs and other voluntary organizations could be of great help to promote such awareness.

Dr. Berk is very much optimistic about great universal change owing to use of Homa and Agnihora in life of human beings through holistic approach.