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Spirit of Reading cannot be divided in languages : Preeti Shenoy

Spirit of Reading cannot be divided in languages : Preeti Shenoy
By Dr. Dilip N. Pandit

Reading is said to be die-hard passion and human instinct.  It does not demarcate intellectuality of a person, rather a deep-rooted interest and passion with character of the book or novels of fiction and nonfiction genre.  The Language of reading book is just a medium though one gets pleasure of interest.

It cannot be divided in various domains of languages.  In our country, there are number of authors penning different genre with a volume of a good number of readership.  I have been penning different themes through my novels to define the ultimate entity of relationship.  These thoughts were echoed by Indian’s best-selling author Preeti Shenoy when interacting with Dr. D.N. Pandit.

On being asked about her writing passion, she promptly credited to her father and her background.  As she said that writing could be individual’s interest and could be chiseled by continuous serious reading and own thinking patterns to the deep of any matter.  She talked about her latest title It’s all in the planets and themes of her previous novel to justify serving different way of tale telling.

When interacted about business volume of Indian book publishing industry  worth 26000 crores, she does not surprise having fact like this because she feels that author does not need to know arithmetic of selling or its business.  She emphatically endorses that authors must only be concerned to their passion of writing and interesting themes that appeal to their readership segment and that’s all.

She motivates young readers and says be fit both physical and mentally and enjoy interesting reading.  It does not only give pleasure to their interest but also it paves the way for rich thinking as well.