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We ought to serve humanity unselfishly for betterment of society: Raza Murad

We ought to serve humanity unselfishly for betterment of society: Raza Murad
By Dr. Dilip N Pandit

Life is what we learn through our experiences and teaching rendered by society. We got every thing from society to get ourselves matured citizen. Family plays a vital role in developing basic characters of a person and reshapes personality. It is our moral duty to do nice things to society. Good work never goes unnoticed. We ought to serve humanity unselfishly for enhancement of better world. These sentiments were expressed by film star Raza Murad in exclusive interview taken by Dr. Dilip N. Pandit. He shared a lot in various topics. Excerpts:

Senior character artist Raza Murad said that life is said to be a rainbow of many experiences and one has to go through by that too. The real happiness comes from serving people those are actually in need of that timely help. On top of it, one has to serve his own parents because this very spirit goes out to serve rest of humanity. He quoted a number of instances of his personal experiences and said that the time is a great teacher that teaches as every thing beyond bookish learning. So pay respect to the time in every aspect.

On being asked about success, he said that success never comes in battalions. One has to wait having done required for any accomplishment. It is better to work out additional options besides following single track of a task. There is no short cut in any success. Nowadays people are of advanced technology and they need to have patience to wait success. What really needs is purity of a heart to understand our moral duties.