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Truth and Beauty are Ultimate Spirit of Classical Dance : Ms Sharon Lowen

Truth and Beauty are Ultimate Spirit of Classical Dance : Ms Sharon Lowen
By Dr. Dilip N Pandit

Dance is one of the traditional performing arts since dawn of civilization. Dance can be said as core element of eternal and spiritual voyage apart from healthy recreation of society. Basically, there are great ranges of classical dance of India and Odissi is one of them out of eight dances. The Odissi is thoroughly dedicated to Lord Shiva and thus perform accordingly with expressions. Truth, Beauty and love are ultimate element of any classical dance. These elements could get/got/go synchronized with devotion and spirituality to catalyze ecstasy. These views were echoed by International Dance Performer Ms Sharon Lowen – a classical dance Guru and performer at global repute. Sharon Lowen has dedicated her life to presenting and promoting excellence in Indian performing arts. Sharon is hailed today as one of the leading international performing artists of three forms of Indian dance: Odissi, Chhau and Manipuri. Sharon has made her home in India since 1973 to dedicate herself to her work as an artist and to promote education in the arts.

Her accomplishment in places where foreign exponents of indigenous dance forms are rarely taken seriously, but once Lowen came to India and devoted herself to Indian classical dance; her tenacity and perfectionism have earned the respect of audiences and critics alike in her adopted country. [ She shared views on various topics regarding Indian classical dances, Western dances, Mime, Guru-Shishya Parampara and so on. Excerpts:

On being asked about Odissi as classical dance and Mime, she expressed categorically that Mimes are of different elements and spirit that of thoroughly connected to facial expressions concerning carnal things while classical dances have their own beauty, truth and love in unison of the Movements of all body experiencing spirituality. Odissi truly represents the very gist of Satyam Shivam Sundarm of Indian philosophy. There needs deep practice in performing Odissi dance. One has to go through to learn the basic parts of Natya Shastra.

Being a great exponent of Ethnomusicology, Odissi and Manipuri dance, Sharon told that in classical dances there needs Guru-Shishya Parampara to follow rigorously. Dedication and devotion are main spirit to follow with regular practice. Every cultural has its own specific identity and that could be expressed by their dances no matter of what sort.

Inclination towards a classical dance is said to be God gifted opportunity to realize eternal spiritual experience.