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Art Needs No language Except Eternal Feeling from the Bottom of Heart: Lewis Elbinger

Art Needs No language Except Eternal Feeling from the Bottom of Heart: Lewis Elbinger
By Dr. Dilip N Pandit

Nature keeps changing its mood to relax us

Indore: Human mind is said to be inquisitive and exploring with abnormal to unique thoughts. Our thought process and interest keep us apart from others and through specific personalities. The nature has long been generous to us and teaches us through silent way. Arts and culture are two basic cords that energize to understand its emotions or expression except eternal feeling from the bottom of heart. To understand the feeling of the nature, and the Art, we have to synchronize our mind and heart. Art and culture of any country have their own deep-rooted impact over people. They give us moral values, message of universal brotherhood and global peace. These were the philosophical thoughts of Mr. Lewis Elbinger (a former Diplomat of USA and Spiritual Leader through Ghandhian philosophy.) at the exclusive interview with Dr. Dilip N. Pandit during his short visit to India.Being Multidimensional, author, poet, musician, yogi and a follower of Gandhian philosophy, Mr. Lewis has long been associated with social, cultural, spiritual and educational activities across the world. He has been long time learner who values wisdom over cleverness. Being multi linguist, Mr. Lewis speaks in Russian, Chinese, Turkish, French, German, Hindi and finally the most praiseworthy the language of heart and human feeling. Over discussing youth generation and its focus on carnal affairs, Mr. Lewis feels that youth generation needs to realize its own potential to serve the mankind and their own country. This could cause a great work to sort out social, educational and employment issues. There is no dearth of energy or potential among them, they could be motivated by involving them in activities of social and cultural awareness. He emphasizes that if we synchronize feeling and emotion with others then spirituality gets its way.