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Italy grants 4.3 million Euros to Afghanistan

Rome : Italy has granted 4.3 million Euros to Afghanistan to eradicate polio and improve the nutritional status of children under the age of five.

Of this amount 2.5 million Euros will go to UNICEF and the World Health Organisation (WHO), wh

Cotton buds may do more harm than good

NEW DELHI : Using cotton buds to clean ears may seem harmless, but they have the potential to cause minor to severe injury to the ear, researchers have warned.

"The two biggest misconceptions I hear as an otolaryngologist are that the ear ca

This Summer, say no to body odour

 Summer is here and with this is sweat and rashes. Sweat leads to odour, which most of the time, is depressing and literally nightmarish!

So if you are also struggling with the issue of body odour, here are some expert tips that might help